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Am I Saving Money With Cheaper Roofers?

The most common phrase that we've heard is: "I Found a Cheaper Estimate"

In the beginning, it might seem like you did save money. It was probably a friend's friend that "used" to be a roofer and promised you a good deal and great quality. Maybe for that little bit, you felt that you got the best bang for the buck.

Then a storm came.

Now it's too late because you see shingles on the ground. Shingles lifted. Have a leak.

Now the original saving is gone.

Cheaper roofer installation
Cheaper roofer installation

Here's where the "cheaper roofer" goes wrong:

  • They aren't certified by the manufacturer, meaning they can't provide a warranty

  • They only do the overlay and don't replace damaged plywood

  • Use the cheaper product

  • Aren't licensed and insured

  • Don't have proper training

So what do you do now? You call the installer but the installer is now ghosting you. They won't call back, won't respond to your messages or emails, and won't own up to their mistake.

We don't install roofs like the cheaper roofer
Roof Installation

As horrible as it sounds, this happens pretty often these days. This is why our goal at G and Bros Roofing as a local contractor in Salisbury MD is to provide the best possible service and product for the best possible rate. We are certified by the manufacturers. We are licensed and insured. We are properly trained. But most importantly, we will do the job right the first time and stand behind every job.

Just remember, when you're making a big investment you deserve to get things done correctly.

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