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Online Instant Roofing Quotes vs. Traditional Physical Measurements Roof for Salisbury MD

Updated: Sep 5

Are you in Salisbury MD and in need of roofing services? With different options available, choosing the right roofing company can be quite hectic. Additionally, the process of getting a quote can be overwhelming, especially when you have to choose between traditional physical measurements and instant online quotes. Both methods have their pros and cons. The following article will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional roofing measurements and online instant quotes. We will make sure that after reading this article, you will know which method suits you best!

1. Traditional Physical Measurements

Traditional physical measurements have been around for years and are the preferred method for many roofing companies. The process involves someone physically coming to your property, inspecting your roof, and taking measurements to give you a quote.


  1. Physical measurements provide a more accurate quote as they take into account any peculiarities of your roof. If there are any unusual details or components, a physical inspection ensures that they are accounted for.

  2. The process allows for a more personalized touch as someone is physically present to answer your questions and concerns.

  3. The process may lead to the discovery of additional roofing problems that you may have missed, therefore preventing further damage.


  1. Physical measurements can be time-consuming, especially when scheduling with the roofing company.

  2. The process can involve labor-intensive tasks that could damage your property.

  3. There may be communication problems with the roofing company that could lead to misunderstandings.

2. Online Instant Quotes

The process of getting an online instant roofing quote is relatively new and involves you inputting the measurements and location of your property on an online platform. The roofing company then uses that information to provide an accurate and instant quote.


  1. Online instant quotes are convenient and can be obtained at any time, from anywhere.

  2. The process involves fewer people, which reduces the costs associated with providing a quote.

  3. They eliminate physical interaction with the roofing company, which is beneficial in the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Online instant quotes do not take into account any unusual features on your roof that may affect the price of the final service cost.

  2. The process does not provide a personalized touch that physical inspections may provide.

  3. There may be errors in interpretation or calculation, leading to discrepancies in the final price.

Choosing between traditional physical measurements and online instant quotes is dependent on your personal preference. The traditional method is more appropriate for those who desire a personalized touch, while the online method favors those looking for convenience. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure that you select a reputable roofing company such as G and Bros Roofing. With years of experience, excellent customer service, and professional roofing services, G and Bros Roofing is the best roofing company in Salisbury MD to carry out all of your roofing needs. So, make sure you choose wisely!

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