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Why Gutter Maintenance is Important

Updated: Jul 5

The gutter system is a very important part of your house's drainage system, yet it is one of the most overlooked parts.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters is Important

G and Bros Roofing LLC, a leading roofing company in Salisbury, MD, strongly recommends to keep gutters in good conditions year round. Leaves, sticks, twigs, debris, shingles granules, etc fall in the gutters and might clogs the downspouts.

If the weight of all the debris is too much, it might cause the gutter to sag, detach, or even fall off. Any of these can be dangerous to anyone that is walking around the house, especially kids.

Also, if the downspouts and gutters are clogged, water can potentially rise back up onto the shingles causing leaks and further damages.

How to Clean Your Gutters

If you don't feel comfortable getting on the roof to clean the gutters, contact us at (410) 677-4975.

  • Safety Gear: Before you get your ladder, make sure you have proper shoes with good grip, protective gloves, and safety glasses. Make sure you ladder is level, properly grounded on the grass/concrete, and supported on the gutter. Tie the ladder onto the gutters to prevent accidents. Take a blower, bucket, and scoop.

  • Clean The Roof and Gutter: Use the blower to blow any twigs, leaves, and debris off the roof. If the roof is not cleaned before, then all the debris will end up in the gutters after cleaning. Use your scoop pick up big leaves, twigs, and debris from the gutters and put them onto the bucket. Once all the big trash is out, use the blower to get all the other small debris.

  • Inspect the Gutter: Before getting off the roof, it is recommended that you inspect the gutters for leaks, rust, or if it's starting to pull away from the house. If so, make note of it and contact us for a gutter repair quote.

If you would like us to replace, clean, inspect, or repair your gutters, get in touch with G and Bros Roofing LLC. We are a leading company to residential roofing in Salisbury MD.

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